Ice Cream Van For Hire in Perth 

With Coco's Soft Serve

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Hire an ice cream van for your events in Perth. Coco's soft serve is available to hire for weddings, children party, birthdays, corporate event, festival, a school in Western Australia. The best selection of mobile van brings to you by the most experienced service throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Ice Cream Van Hire to your events in Perth

Available for hiring ice cream van for events, weddings, birthday parties, corporate, promotional campaign, school, community, fundraising and private celebration in Perth.
Take a look page below, for more information on what we can offer for all types of your events.


Coco's soft serve is an ideal way to fundraise or promote. We can offer great service for your community fundraising with ice cream van.


Wherever your corporate event is happening, being mobile is advantageous for us, we can drive right to your promotional events.


Hire an ice cream van for school events, we will operate out soft serve ice. We can deliver fresh and yummy one to your students and requirement.  


Mobile van offer soft serve to a wedding ceremony and all designed to celebrate an important occasion. 

Perth's Best Ice Cream Van Hire

Coco’s Soft Serve is a newcomer to Perth’s ice cream van scene, having been established in 2018.
Equipped with the newest equipment, we are ready to whip up all your favourites – old and new. We want everyone to walk away with a smile on their face!

Why choose  us

We are delighted to offer our expertise in ice cream services for your next event. Your guests will love the range of ice cream that will bring something special to your next occasion in Perth and surrounding areas




Our ice cream van is fully equipped and can deliver to Perth across WA. So whether you have a birthday or a festival, we can come and provide your guests with fresh soft serve.

We serve a fresh and whipping up ice cream at our van. Coco’s operate the premium soft serve with a special topping. Our product an indulgence and you'd expect there to be cream,

Our customer service gives your guest a genuine customer-friendly attitude. We deliver what that customer asks for and fulfill their needs.

Coco's Soft Serve Menu

We offer premium milk soft serve with variety fervour and a single or double cone.

We also offer slushies fairy floss and soft drinks such as coke, sprite and water etc.

Double Cone



Double Sherbet


Double Rainbow

Double Nut


Double Flake


Double Choc


Double Choc



Single Cone

Single Sherbet 



Double Hedgehog


Single Rainbow


Double Rainbow



Single Nut


Double Rainbow



Single Flake


Single Choc


Single Choc

Single Hedgehog




Single Flake



Single Rocket


Sundae Cup


Nut Sundae

Sundae Toppings



Sundae Toppings: Chocolate・Caramel・Cappuccino・Strawberry・Banana・Spearmint

Our Packages and pricing

We have a range of soft serve packages for suitable for all events.
Select from between 3 packages and contact us for a custom quote or just use our additional services.

Package 1

No Booking fee

Single Cones

Standard Toppings

Special Toppings

Sundae Cups

Double Cones

Waffle Cones

100+ Serves

200+ Serves

300+ Serves




Package 2




Package 3




Note: Under 100 serves is normal prices and Hiring fee $65 per hour


*Difference between Standard and Special​ Toppings
Standard Toppings:Choco Dip, Crushed Nuts, Rainbow, Sherbet
Special Toppings: Any of Toppings

Booking for your next events

 3 easy steps to hire ice cream van

Finding out how to organise your event before coming to the van. We can talk about how we serve ice cream and any of the food for your guest and have a look through an easy step.

Step 1: Contact us

As always welcome new enquire and booking to hire our team.
We want to help everyone who is thinking of running events.

Step 3: Coming to Van

 ​Once we have made a schedule, we will come to your event before starting an event and then give your guest a great service and make smile.

Step 2: Talk your plan

Please let us know your event’s details or choose the package plan.


The taste of their fresh ice cream was great flavour I have tasted in am ice cream so far.


Friendly & fast service from a young bloke with a lovely smile on a busy Friday evening who served me & my collegue.


Awesome ice cream.Coco's soft serve tastes fabulous. I had the vanilla and nuts flavour. Truly delightful.

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Please find below some frequently asked questions we often get asked in relation to our services.
If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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